Sovereign Talent Group is one of Hollywood’s leading global talent agencies based in Los Angeles, California.  Industry veteran Peter Young founded Sovereign Talent Group in 2008 after 30+ years working for top Casting Directors, then as an agent at some of the top agencies in the business including Don Buchwald & Associates. It was only natural that Mr. Young open his own full-service talent agency that represents artists in the genres of Theatrical/TV/Film, Commercial, Youth, Literary and Print.

After numerous years of developing strong relationships, Sovereign Talent Group currently possesses a firm client base that includes such stars as Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson) Boo Boo Stewart, Eric Roberts, Bai Ling & Pavel Stewart just to name a few.  Mr. Young has had the distinct pleasure of working with household names for commercials and endorsement deals including Matthew McConaughey, Joe Pesci, Halle Berry, Tom Arnold, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Heather Graham, Mickey Rourke, Linda Evans, Chevy Chase, Neve Campbell, Tom Sizemore and the list goes on.


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